Ensuring Top Quality Printing Results with our Design Services

Custom Designs for Custom Apparel - Around the Clock PrintingFor any help you need designing artwork for any of our services, Around the Clock has got you covered. Whether you need assistance with our custom design studio, or you were looking for a design created by hand, we can turn your ideas into printable, sharp looking graphics. We have plenty of creative professionals happy to assist in creating a personal, professional, or creative design for any of our custom printing services.

If you’re looking to get the best results with any printing, we are capable of providing quality design results for all of our printing services. With our custom design services, we allow you to have control over your final product with artwork proofs before we start printing, and we’ll ensure your final result comes out looking great.

We utilize the Adobe Suite for all our design services, and provide you with high quality designs for you to utilize with any apparel you need printed. We utilize high quality raster images if not dealing with vector, to help ensure a clear, crisp print.

File Types

Our design studio accepts most photo file types, from .PNG, .EPS, .SVG, .GIF, .TIFF, .PDF.

To avoid pixelation when printing, we would recommend using vector formats like .SVG whenever possible. If not possible, raster images will work fine, however they should be high resolution to ensure a crisp print. Otherwise, your prints may turn out blurry or pixelated.

Design Services and Design Assistance for Custom Apparel and More - Around the Clock PrintingExamples of our Design Services Available

Background Removal:

Remove background colors on any images that are content such as logos, text, or low color images.

Color Alteration:

Alter any colors in your designs, and make your artwork look much better with our designer selected colors. We also will help ensure your shirt is readable and can be read if there is any text on it by selecting a contrasting color that also looks good.

Converting Files

Need help converting a file not available for our design studio? Feel free to ask us about any help you might need and we can most likely convert your file for you. For any other file conversions, such as converting color spaces and converting images to black and white, we’re glad to do that for you.

Reducing Colors to Reduce Cost

If you’d like to remove certain colors that are small details or could be changed, we offer the ability to simplify your artwork so that there are a minimal amount of colors used. This can greatly reduce the overall cost, and even improve your design a little bit!

Design Updates

Need help updating an old design for a marathon from last year? We’ll get the design done for you in no time. With font matching tools and more, we can alter most old artwork to provide you with an updated design for the current and upcoming years.

Raster to Vector

In some cases, if an image is too blurry, you might want to recreate the image in a vector format. This will allow us to print a crisp and clear image. We can easily trace any smaller sized artwork that might print blurry, and turn it into infinitely scalable vectors that look great at any size.

Anything Else?

Need something else not mentioned? Feel free to fill out a form here and provide as much detail for the fields that may apply to your project, and attach any files we might need. We will be in contact via e-mail as soon as possible to get your design started!

Our design rates start at $25/hr, and we can assist you with any photograph / artwork editing you need for any of our services. We are more than happy to get your design ready to roll for our printers, so feel free to let us know anything you need.