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Direct To Garment

Providing Detailed and Vibrant Direct to Garment Prints

We provide unique direct to garment services perfect for those looking for smaller orders for projects, parties, or smaller teams. When it comes to printing smaller orders, DTG is the way to go thanks to it’s much simpler setup time. We offer DTG printing services for any needs regarding photography, art prints, or realistic prints, we’ll print it on your apparel.

While our direct to garment process is much more efficient for small orders, this doesn’t keep it from being as accurate. We provide clean, meticulous prints that are sure to impress whoever’s reading. We utilize the Epson 2000 for all DTG orders, which is great for providing colorful, detailed direct to garment apparel.

Direct to garment printing can save us and our customer a significant amount of money by eliminating time-consuming processes like creating printing plates, cleaning presses, and more. This makes it much simpler and saves us a lot for smaller quantity prints out since the process is made so simple with digital printing. Smaller quantity prints save significant time and money in setup costs alone with DTG.

Making sure that your brand looks great in print is important for many companies, and we understand that fully. That’s why we utilize precise direct to garment technologies to get the job done as vibrantly, detailed, and effectively as possible.

More About our Direct to Garment Process

Direct to garment printing offers many advantages to not only the customer, but also is much more manageable when printing, thanks to its digital nature. Digital files allow us to print intricate, fine detail prints which are much more accurate than traditional screen printing methods. With built-in multi-color registration and the ability to previews our prints, getting the clear color and image you want on your apparel has never been easier thanks to DTG printing.

While direct to garment has advantages in some cases, there are also times when you may receive better results when choosing our silkscreen screen printing services. Silkscreen is preferred for printing with darker inks, since DTG ink is thin and doesn’t show up very well on dark fabric. However, we do offer under-basing for DTG, which allows us to print on darker garments. Silkscreen printing is also ideal for simpler designs that need to be mass-produced. While you can print multiple colors with silk screen printing, it will tend to be more expensive than complex, multi-colored DTG printed apparel. This is because we have to setup and align the screens for each color.

Our DTG prints hold up fairly well and stay looking good after multiple washes, and you can avoid cracking by properly washing, drying, and ironing your apparel, and by avoiding bleach and dry cleaning. Any apparels should hold up for about 50 washes or more.

Need Help with a Design? No Problem!

If you need help with the design process for any of our services, contact us for any assistance with our direct to garment services. We offer help with processes like helping your decide whether silk screen or DTG is more cost efficient for your needs, as well as other design services which you can read about here.

We also offer underbasing for our DTG services, which allow us to print more accurate colors on darker colored garments. This is done by applying a white layer of ink under the printed area to allow it to be much more visible on the final product. This is great for anyone looking for higher detailed and vibrant prints on a darker image.

Feel free to contact us for any help in deciding whether you should choose our screen printing or DTG services. ATC Printing is dedicated to providing you with the most cost effective printing for your projects, and we are happy to help figure out the best price while maintaining great quality prints.