Custom Personalized Team Shirts and Apparel - Around the Clock Printing

For all of our services, we offer full customization and give our customer control over their final product. From pre-print proofing to accurate color matching software and technologies, we ensure your final product comes out the way you want it to. We also offer personalization for any teams, whether it’s a regular shirt, shirts for a sport team, or uniforms for the company. You can easily add any names and numbers needed added to your shirts easily within our custom design studio, and much more such as custom design files and any of our available design assets.

Bring Your Own Apparel

Want to bring your own shirts, hoodies, bags, or whatever you can think of for any of our custom printing services? We’ll print those too, no problem! Simply send us a form with what you need printed.  We’ll get back with an estimate depending on the side, colors, and type of garment you’re using.

Whether it’s screen printing, embroidery, printing, promotional, or our design services, we ensure an efficient yet precise printing method that also gives our customer full control over their final product.

Getting Started with Personalization and Team Personalization

Step 1:

Within our custom design studio, simply either upload your custom art with the upload image or add art tools. Or, you can select the names and numbers tool to change which names and numbers you’d like to have printed on your apparel.

Step 2:

Customize your images or fonts, the font size, and other visual aspects such as the text color to your own liking.

Step 3:

Either submit a design for us to review, or you can place your order once your design is ready!

Step 4:

You’ll receive your custom personalized apparel within two weeks thanks to UPS.  You’ll be enjoying your custom clothes with either your custom art, names, or numbers in no time.

Personalize Apparel the Way You Want To

For screen printing on various apparel, we utilize both direct to garment printing and silkscreen which allows us to be cost efficient and helps us guarantees correct color matching due to the strengths of each printing process. Also, utilizing Pantone color matching, we are able to match most digital colors to print colors to ensure the closest colors possible.

For embroidery, we have plenty of thread colors for you to choose from look great for brand marks or other symbols on various colored apparel. We also allow plenty of customization for our promotional products. This allows us to create beautiful custom promotional items, great for gifts or for advertising or showing off your brand.

Need a Design? No Problem!

Design Assistance and Custom Design Reviews - Around the Clock PrintingIf you need a design, we offer design services to provide plenty of customization when creating the design you’re looking for. We will provide you with updates as we complete your design. We can create custom graphics for use in our screen printing, embroidery printing, promotional printing, or digital printing services. If you’re looking for a personalized design or need customized graphics for any of our services, contact us here and we can get started with the process.

Our custom design studio has plenty of ways for you to make any ideas for custom apparel a reality and make it look great in the process. With it, you can import existing art and fully edit and preview your design before sending it to us for printing. You can use any art you’d like, but make sure your file format is supported. Make sure to read our design services page for any help with uploading files to the design studio.