For over twenty years, we have providing personalized apparel and have been impressing plenty of our customers with great prices and easy customization tools. From hoodies, pants, sweaters, and more, our selection in screen printing is sure to help you find the right products for any of your apparel needs, and customize it however you want to. Our custom design studio allows you to create or upload custom designs for all of our apparel. You can also accurately set up print areas as well as ensure accurate colors when printing with us.

Our Personalized Silk Screen Printing Process

IYB Baller Custom Sports Wear Screen Printing - Around the Clock PrintingStep 1:

To get started with our screen printing process, you’ll need to find the products you’d like printed with us, or you can contact us if you have apparel you’d like us to print for you!

Step 2:

After you’ve selected your products you can start customizing it. Simply visit our design studio with your product selected. Or, if you’re not using the design studio, you can contact us with any art necessary after reading our page for design services here and we’ll handle the rest. All we’ll need is a file of your artwork and which side you want it printed.

Step 3:

Submit your order either through our design studio or contact us and we’ll setup the design for you and provide a proof before printing.

Step 4:

We’ll create however many screens you need depending on how many colors you need printed, and layer the colors to ensure quality detailed apparel. Each shirt is dried for 30 seconds which helps in curing your apparel to help reduce any future cracking or fading from washing.

Step 5:

Thanks to UPS shipping, you get your custom clothes quicker than ever. Plus we’ll have the satisfaction of making your design something you, your friends, and family can proudly wear.

More About the Silk Screen Process

We utilize top of the line ink from Union Ink and Triangle Ink to ensure the highest quality prints on your apparel. The silk screen process allows us to ensure clear and precise prints, while also allowing your prints to last longer. However, silk screen printing is more expensive due to a more time consuming setup. We deliver bold apparel thanks to our precise techniques and machinery. Our bold apparel is great for any needs ranging from events, company branding, or even any individual needs.

Bulk Custom Screen Printing - Around the Clock PrintingWhile direct to garment has advantages in some cases, there are also times when you may receive better results when choosing our silkscreen services. Silkscreen is preferred for printing with darker inks, since DTG ink is thinner and doesn’t show up very well on dark fabric. Silk screen printing is also ideal for simpler designs that need to be mass-produced. While you can print multiple colors with silk screen printing, it will tend to be more expensive than complex, multi-colored DTG printed apparel. This is because we have to setup and align screens for each color. Feel free to contact us for any help in deciding whether you should choose our screen printing or DTG services. ATC Printing is dedicated to providing you with the most cost effective printing for your projects, and we are happy to help figure out the best price while maintaining great quality prints.

Bring Your Own Apparel!

Want to bring your own shirts, hoodies, bags, or whatever you can think of? We’ll print those too! Simply send us a form with what you need printed, and we’ll get back with an estimate depending on the side, colors, and type of garment you’re using.

Our silk screen prints hold up fairly well and stay looking good after multiple washes, and you can avoid cracking by properly washing, drying, and ironing your apparel. You can avoid damage by avoiding bleach and dry cleaning. Any apparels should hold up for about 50 washes or more.